We focus on a durable Collection. Our shoes are all made from leather, a material that lasts a long time, that can be used more than once. This is also one of the reasons that each pair of shoes comes with an extra pair of insoles, so that a brother, sister, friend or other child can give the shoes an extra life. 

Secondly the extra insoles are meant for children who are in between sizes, by using the extra insoles we can make sure they will be insured of a comfortable and solid fitting.

We promote Slow-Fashion, styles with a comfortable design and long lasting quality. We offer a minimalistic collection that does not significantly change over seasons. This way, we are able to re-use materials from previous collections to reduce waste.



 All shoes are handmade within Europe; in beautiful Portugal to minimise our CO2 impact. Quality and sustainability are closely connected to fair production. Therefore, we work together with a selected family owned factory, specialised in children footwear since 1992. This factory shares our sustainability values and strictly works following the highest Ethical standards.



 We use certified leathers from manufacturers in Portugal and Italy which do not use any potentially critical substances in the leather processing, and focus on optimising their environmental footprint to reduce water and energy consumption during this process.

 All of our leathers are carefully selected for their lasting durability and are free from harmful components such as chemicals, chrome and heavy metals. 

The wool used for the lining of the boots comes from Italy. We believe that wool can only be truly sustainable if it does no damage to the planet, animals or the people. It comes from farms that have been chosen based on their commitment to animal welfare. We are working with a wool blend of 80% wool and 20% polyester. Pure wool can be fragile and is less durable as a wool blend. By using this blend we make sure the shoes can last longer which in the end is more sustainable.



We need packaging to protect the shoes during transport. To minimise the environmental impact, we only make use of uncoated recycled boxes, papers and cards.



 For every pair of shoes you buy, 10 trees will be planted in Africa. Here is the part where you as a customer can make a difference. 

We collaborate with Trees for the Future. An organisation that focuses on creating sustainable, balanced eco-systems that helps new forest to grow & delivers a local organic food supply chain.

For more information about our collaboration click in the Footer on Forest Project.