'The perfect fit that lasts'

Du Loua strives for a perfect fit for every child. To achieve this, all shoes come with an extra pair of insoles. 

 When your child is in-between sizes we advise to buy one size up and  place the extra insole on top of the shoe's original insole for more support and comfort.

When choosing to pass the shoes to a sibling or friend  you can take out the original insole and replace it with a new insole to start their journey on a fresh footbed


Size Guide

Finding the correct shoe size is important for your child, to ensure good support and for your child's feet to have space to move. We would like to explain how to measure your child’s foot. What you need is; A4 paper, tape, and a pen.


  1. Tape the a4 paper on the floor, where the wall meets the floor. Make sure the paper is taped well and does not slip.
  2. Have your child stand up straight against the wall and make sure his/her heel is touching the wall
  3. Mark the spot where the longest toe ends with a line, then measure the centimeters between the beginning of the paper and the line. The number of centimeters is the size of your child’s foot



If the length of your child's feet is in-between sizes, we recommend choosing the larger size. When necessary, you can place the extra insole provided and place it on top of the original sole. This will improve the fitting and makes it more comfortable for your child.