‘Children should be able to play when it’s raining, in the mud and everywhere else‘. 

All of our leathers are carefully selected for their lasting durability. When taking good care of the shoes, they will be ensured of a long lifetime.


You can protect both leather or suede shoes against water or dirt by spraying them with a special leather spray, containing natural protectors and/or waterproofing agents. There are multiple organic sprays on the market which are advised by us. Make sure that the shoes are free from any dirt before you spray them.


When the shoes need a clean, you can remove any type of dirt from the shoes using a neutral coloured damp cloth. When you are finished, it’s very important to give them enough time to dry completely. Don’t place them on the heating or in the sun because this will dry out the leather. Afterwards you can treat the leather with a shoe polish. For suede we also recommend brushing delicately after drying, to remove stains.



Maintaining this leather is not complicated, you can remove most dirt with a dry cloth or soft brush. Dirt and stains are best avoided by spraying the leather well in advance, against the direction of the hair. 


Crepe soles

Crepe rubber is a natural material that can respond to both heat and cold. Therefore, you should not leave shoes with crepe rubber soles directly in the sun on a summer day - as the sole can melt in extreme heat and become deform.

A crepe rubber sole can become hard and crystallize over time. This can be solved by placing the shoe on a medium heat radiator under supervision for approx. 30-60 minutes, or until they are soft and flexible again.

If the crepe rubber sole gets sticky, it can be repaired by a shoemaker. The shoemaker can remove a thin layer of the crepe rubber sole and then apply talc.